Nineties Lab April 10th 8.30pm (GMT+1)

Nineties Lab is an evolving platform for live online arts, with new performers and artists every week. That’s why we would like to invite you to all our Lab nights and offer a discount for those who want to visit the Lab frequently: The more tickets you buy, the cheaper they get.

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7-8 tickets: €5,- each

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To visit the Lab, please use Chrome browser and a laptop with a webcam! We strongly advise you to use headphones and plug your computer into power :).




“The international influencer Thais Di Marco will talk about contemporary art, in her words: “I love contemporary art, although I’ve never done it before!” Follow her profile t.e.r.r.a.k.o.t.a. and tag your friends that love art too! “

Get to know Thais: with the instagram profile @t.e.r.r.a.k.o.t.a she has been advising on contemporary art since 2009 and inspiring young artists across the globe. Daughter of a famous gallerist mother and a huge landowner as father (her family have toguether 25% of the land in an entire state) Thais decided to dedicate herself to humanities, as she considers it important to save the planet. In her words: “Fame is important for my dreams to become true, as many followers as I have, more and more my voice can be heard and I can make important things, like talk about the planet. So please, share this profile and tag your friends, let’s go towards 1K together” She believes that working can bring to anyone what they deserve and that one day we will all get together with no differences. In her profile she will share challenges, polls, dances, reels, stories and pictures from her body as in this way she feels empowered and empowering others too. Follow and tag @t.e.r.r.a.k.o.t.a




darkroom is a performative zone that operates through the blurred borders between bodies. As a technology framework, it places participants in a digital room to navigate and share intimate experiences without seeing. Powered by live binaural sound and collective imagination, darkroom takes participants from their homes into a temporary other world. With the limitations of vision removed, darkroom becomes a space between reality and fiction: a moaning workshop, sound bath, a confessional or an erotic storytelling night. In an age of isolation, the framework facilitates the intimate and healing power of sound, imagination and perhaps even attraction. It is specially designed for, and inspired by, queer practices of vulnerability, community and affirmation.

7,50 inc. BTW