Nineties Lab April 3rd 8.30pm (GMT+1)

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“During this week at Nineties Lab we will work with a couple of scenes from the script and experiment with the fact that the audience is at home. What is the role of a camera in theatre? How do you keep the live element of theatre and a sense of a collective experience for someone who is at home on their couch? Everything the audience at home sees on their screens, is a reconstruction and therefore a manipulation. The world’s a stage, and everyone can be framed”.

Niels Kuiters has written a new text especially for online theatre, Schimmel/Fungus. This new text, written especially for online theatre by Niels Kuiters, is a research into framing. Everything on stage is a reconstruction, and can therefore be manipulated. What do we see? And what does the camera conveniently leave off-screen? Can we trust our own eyes?’

7,50 inc. BTW