Nineties Lab March 20th 8.30pm (GMT+1)

Nineties Lab is an evolving platform for live online arts, with new performers and artists every week. That’s why we would like to invite you to all our Lab nights and offer a discount for those who want to visit the Lab frequently: The more tickets you buy, the cheaper they get.

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To visit the Lab, please use Chrome browser and a laptop with a webcam! We strongly advise you to use headphones and plug your computer into power :).


places to land

“Do we continue to nourish dreams of escaping, or do we start seeking a territory that we can truly inhabit? Either we deny it or we choose a place to land.”- Bruno Latour

SILVERBONES is a band based in Amsterdam. With their noisy guitars, Modular synths, dark vocals, swaying basslines and unpredictable drums, they draw inspiration from electronic, rock and Andean music. For the Nineties Lab SILVERBONES invites you to step into their hypnotic sonic garden, a digital concert in which we will journey to find PLACES TO LAND. We welcome you to our rehearsal space where sentient beings will unfold like a mythical fairytale, to encounter glitchy mirages and dream landscapes.

7,50 inc. BTW