Memento Mori – Online tickets

Artist Support Ticket €30: With this ticket, you support us greatly! And with us, we mean the artists… That’s why it’s called.. I’ll stop talking now.

You And A Friend Far Away Ticket €15: This is a special deal for those who want to see the show together with a friend far away. If you fill in the email address of your friend as an additional note at the check out, we’ll make sure your friend will receive his own link too! That way you can be together in the same Zoom and enjoy the show, TOGETHER! While apart…

Regular Ticket €10: Well, what can I say? It’s a normal ticket.. I mean, not normal since it gives you access to something special… I’ll stop talking again!

Once you’ve bought a ticket, you will get a confirmation mail with all the info you need. Since everything will be online, you won’t receive any e-ticket, QR-code or whatever. Instead you will receive another email on the day of the performance you’ve chosen. In that email you will find your own link to get access to the Zoom meeting in which we will perform Memento MoriSee you there!



10,0030,00 inc. BTW