Untitled_2021 July 9th – 9pm (GMT+1, AMS)

Tune in at Untitled_2021, a live digital audiovisual performance to be seen from all over the world. By rendering a story about interconnectivity, Nineties creates a fictional story based on the not so fictional situation that our world is currently in. What if we’d start telling stories in which humans are a little less in the middle of their own worldview?

Nineties zooms in on unprecedented bonds between nature and culture, animals and humans, organic and artificial matter. In this musical and meditative trip performed by actor Yannick Noomen and musician Frank Rosaly, you’ll be presented a story written by Hannah van Wieringen that gives ‘being part of’ a more profound perspective.

This online production is inspired by the works of writers Donna J. Haraway, Anna Tsing en Ursula K. Le Guin. After Memento Mori and the Lab, Nineties re-enters the online stage to take their thoughts on an interconnected world into account. 

Untitled_2021 is created in a 3 week residency on Terschelling and will be presented by and during Oerol [June 15th – June 19th] and Over Het IJ festival [July 9th – July 17th], only to be experienced online with your webcam and headphones on.

By ordering, you will receive a ticket by email with an unique url on it. On the date of the performance, just click on the url and you will be directed to the website where Untitled_2021 is presented.



The virtual world in which Untitled_2021 is presented, is meant to be experienced individually on a computer using headphones. In order to experience the 3d sound design, headphones or earbuds are necessary. Untitled_2021 is built with Ohyay.co, which is developed for web browser Chrome. Therefor you might experience problems when using other browsers. Please allow permission to use your webcam and microphone when prompted, without we can’t guarantee a full experience.

15,00 inc. BTW